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Under the function Reports you will find different types of product lists of your inventoried products in iChemistry. The information shown in the reports is primarily data taken directly from the products' safety data sheets.


Common to all reports is that they contain trade name, product number and a link to the SDS. 

You can always download your report or search results to Excel.

About Extended report

The extended report is rich in information about your products and can be used when you have to report to authorities or the like, as it is our most comprehensive report on product level (if information about substances is required, we recommend the report "With substances").

In this report, you see information about the hazards of the products, amount of consumption and stock if you have specified this, which restriction lists the products are on and Own fields if you have that optional function.

Selected department, Departments and Summarize

It is possible to download reports for the selected department, departments and summarized.

Selected dep. shows a report of the products that you have inventoried in the department that is marked (bold) in the organization tree.

Departments shows products in the selected department and its sub-departments, sorted by department. If a product appears in several departments, it will therefore be displayed several times.

Summarize shows a summarized product report from the selected department  and below in the organizational tree, without sorting by subdepartments. Products that are in several departments are displayed there only once.

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