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Under the function Reports you will find different types of product lists of your inventoried products in iChemistry. The information shown in the reports is primarily data taken directly from the products' safety data sheets.

Fire report

The report serves as a comprehensive compilation of fire hazardous products, encompassing essential details such as product number, name, storage information, flashpoint, physical state, pictograms, classification, hazard statements, precautionary statements, and includes the SDS in a PDF format.

The fire report extracts information primarily from section 9 of the SDS, focusing on details like the flashpoint (°C) and physical state of the products. Additionally, section 2 of the SDS is referenced to gather details on pictograms, classification, hazard statements, and precautionary statements.

The fire list is generated by matching products that possess a current flammable classification OR have a flashpoint up to 100 °C. For flashpoint values, the numeric range lies between greater than (>) 50 and less than (<) 100.


'H272', 'H220', 'H221', 'EUH209', 'EUH209A', 'H222', 'H223', 'H224', 'H225', 'H226', 'H228', 'H260', 'H261', 'H241', 'H270', 'H271', 'H203', 'H205'

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