Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: Reports > Product > Fire

Fire report

Is a report where you can find the fire hazardous products  with product number, name, storage, flashpoint, physical state, pictograms, classification, hazard statements, precautionary statements and as well the SDS in pdf format.

The fire report will collects information from section 9 from the SDS like the flashpoint (° C) and physical state. From section 2 in the SDS we can see the pictograms, classification, hazard statements and precautionary statements.

The fire list is matched against products that have a current flammable classification OR a flash point up to 100 ° C. 

For flash points value we have a numeric value (bigger than) > 50   and    (smaller than) <100


'H272', 'H220', 'H221', 'EUH209', 'EUH209A', 'H222', 'H223', 'H224', 'H225', 'H226', 'H228', 'H260', 'H261', 'H241', 'H270', 'H271', 'H203', 'H205'

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