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Navigate to:
iChemistry smartphone application > Products tab > Inventory symbol in upper right corner
iChemistry smartphone application > More > Inventory

Please note that only administrator with permissions to manage inventory will have this functionality available. This can, if needed, be adjusted in the web application.

You reach the inventory function from two places: 

1. Products tab

2. More > Inventory

When you get to "Manage inventory", click on the department for which you want to add products.

Write the product name, supplier or product number to search for the product. 

As default, it will search in your local database; i.e. for products that you already have in your organization. But if it is a new products, you need to click on "Search global". That way you search in the entire global Intersolia database. When you search the global database, a new option appears to choose Inventory market, if you have more than one in your iChemistry. 

In the top right corner, you find the symbol for opening the EAN/barcode scanner. For this to work, you need to manually connect an EAN code to your products. 

You can do this in the smartphone app by opening the product page, then click on Edit and then click on Add Barcode. 

You can also do this in the web application by going to the products iSafe, then click Edit and then Add barcode.

When you have found the product you want to add, click on it.

Add the data if you want (consumption, stock quantity and barcode) and then choose to "Add product to department" 

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