*Add to inventory - iChemistry mobile app

Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: iChemistry mobile app

This guide covers both iOS and Android versions of the application.

1. Login to the iChemistry mobile app.

2. Click on the inventory icon in the right corner:

3. Under "Manage inventory" choose the department you would like to add products to.

4. Type in your product information you would like to add to the inventory.

Search local = Search for the product in your already added inventory

Seach global = Search for the product in the global database

In the top right corner is a EAN scanner. If you have products with EAN code inserted in your system already you can search for them here as well, see article Barcodes in iChemistry and smartphone app

5. When you have found the product you want to add, click on it.

6. Click on "Add product to department" 

7. You can also add a barcode directly to your product:

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