*Barcodes in iChemistry and smartphone app

Applies: iChemistry

Where to find: Additional function


Is a system of numbers which can be used to label your products and to get quick access to information from iChemistry.

  • Connect an EAN code in iChemistry to a product and together with a barcode-reader you can get access to information about the product by scanning the barcode (EAN)
  • Print labels from iChemistry with the barcode that is connected to the product
  • Read EAN codes with the iChemistry app.

What is needed?

- Own database

- The barcode (EAN) function is activated in iChemistry (additional function).

- To connect the products to a unique EAB number

Connect barcode (EAN) to products

1. Search for the product which will be connected to a barcode (EAN) and click on it

2. Click on "Edit"

3. Under the headline "Barcodes" you need to put the barcode (EAN) and click on + in order to add it. Here you can add several barcodes (EAN) that you wish to connect to the product.

4. Click on "Save" to connect the barcode (EAN) to the product.

OBS. The barcode (EAN) needs to be unique for every product in order to be readable in the iChemistry app.

The bar codes supported by the app is: EAN8, EAN13, CODE39, CODE128 and PDF417

In order for this to work, you need to have one of the following fonts installed on your desktop.

"3 of 9 Barcode"

"Free 3 of 9"

You can find these fonts at the end of the article or from link below


Labels with barcode

After you have connected the barcode to a product you can print labels with the barcode.

1. Search for product with a connected barcode

2. Click on "Labels"

3. In order to control if the correct barcode (EAN) is connected, click on "Show" by the headline "Values". Then the window will expand.

4. The barcode (EAN) is connected to the product and that is visible under the name.

5. Click on the button "Create" and a label with the barcode (EAN) will be created:

Scan with the mobile and the iChemistry app

Example from Android but it works the same way in IOS - apple

1. Go to the button "Search" in the iChemistry app

2. Click on the barcode icon

3. Approve that the iChemistry app will get access to the camera.

4. Hold the camera over the barcode (EAN) 

5. Automatically the product should appear in your app.

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