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The purpose of substitution in iChemistry is to review the possibility of replacing products by using other chemical product’s that present less of a risk or are less hazardous. 

The products are prioritized (1-5) where the priority of 1 generally means that it should be given priority over the others. The priority is calculated by:

  • The product risk phrases/hazard statements (e.g. H360 will give a high priority)
  • Added inventory quantities
  • If past accidents have been specified in the risk assessment for the product. 


Product with this status is a substitute product, another product has been changed to this one.
 Phasing outProduct is being phased out against another product, in order for it to be fully removed it needs to be removed from inventory, this can be done when the lifespan of the product is finished.
Reviewed/ not substitutedKeeping the current product
OngoingIt's an ongoing review of the substitution.
Not startedNo substitution review has been done on the product yet.
Reviewed/ not substituted [Old][Old] Revision date has exceeded (3 years) its time to review the substitution again. Last time, the decision was to keep the current product.

Start a new substitution

Choose a product from the list to start the substitution work. 

If you want to compare with a product that does not appear in the list, use the Add button below the section Own candidates. 

  • If the product has been substituted by others within iChemistry you will get suggestions "Product that other have selected".

    If not this list will be empty.

  • If the product has been compared with other products also from iChemistry database you will get suggestions here as well "Products that other have compared".

    If the list is empty no one has compared it in the substitution.

  • You can add your own candidates if you want to compare current product by clicking on Add under "Own candidates".

  • If you want to preview any of the products in the lists you can hover over it and two icons will appear. Here you can preview the SDS or get basic information.

  • Select the product you want to compare your current product with by checking the box. If you know you want to keep the current product you do not have to check any boxes.

  • Click Next to proceed with the substitution work.

Compare products

  • If you have chosen a product you (might) want to replace the current product with, you can on the next page make a comparison between products.
  • If you have chosen to compare more than one product it will appear next to the current product. The "Next" will be disabled until you have rejected products so you only have one product to compare with.

Execute substitution

  • Last step in the substitution process is to replace the product right away or phase out. To remove the phased out product this must be done manually in the inventory. In this step you can also choose to copy annual consumption, storage number and risk assessment. 
  • Click on button Apply to complete the substitution work.

Replace immediately: It will remove the current product "Gasol" and replace it with the new one "Gasol 2000". In the inventory the current products end date will be set to todays date and the replacing product will get a start date from todays date (i.e. when it started replacing the current one).

Phase out: The current product "Gasol" will still be inventoried and the new one "Gasol 2000" will be added with a new start date. You should click again on the phased out product and click Apply when it is no longer in use. 

From the following department: If you are only going to substitute it in some parts of your organization, you can choose to do so. But if you want to substitute the product for the whole organization, choose your top department here.

Good to know:

  • If you choose to copy the risk assessment, the risk assessment will not be signed. It needs to be reviewed again before signing.
  • If any other departments have an ongoing or has already substituted current product you will get an alert message that the substitution has not been completed on those departments:

    "Reason: Substitution is already ongoing or completed on department: Example department"

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