Edit product number and product name

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Navigate to:
iSafe > Edit

Please note that this is an add on feature.

Product number

All products in iChemistry gets a so called i-number. Each number starts with i and are followed by a unique number combination.

Product name

The product name is the trade name that appears in the SDS.

Edit product number and product name

If your company is using own article numbers, you might want to edit the product numbers for your inventoried products, so that they are easier to find. To edit product number and/or product name, follow the steps below.

1. iSafe > Edit. (Your user that you are logged in with must have permissions to edit products)

2. Under Basic product information the Prod. No. and Trade name is displayed.

3. Just start writing in the fields to change the number/name. When you start editing, a greyed field will appear underneath and show the original number and name. That way you can always access the original information for the product. When done editing, click on Save in the top menu to save your changes. Both edited and original information will be shown in iSafe.

The function of editing product number and product name is possible via an add-on feature.

Contact: support@intersolia.com if you are missing this feature and want to know more.

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