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There are two types of Safety sheets: 1. General safety sheet and 2. Activity based safety sheet. 

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Click on Safety sheet in iSafe. If your product has a risk assessment, you will get the option to choose if you want to view the general of the activity based safety sheet.

General safety sheet

The General safety sheet (1) is created automatically and the information comes directly from SDS (Safety Data Sheet). Sections shown in general safety sheet depends on which sections subscription applies to in your agreement. If you have questions about this or want to add more sections/headings in the safety sheet, please contact

Activity based safety sheet

The safety sheet for activity (2) can be shown if a risk assessment has been made for the product(s). The information in the activity based safety sheet is thus based on the input in the risk assessment. If you adjust the risk in the risk assessment and then re-sign it, it will show in the activity based safety sheet.

Customize your safety sheets to fit your needs

Sections you subscribe to

The advantage of having the SDS information digitalized in iChemistry, is that the data is available and searchable directly in iChemistry. An SDS has 16 sections, and we always digitalize the information from section 1, 2, 3 and parts of 9 for all products. Those sections include the most important information such as tradename, supplier, classification and the composition/information on ingredients. 


For other sections, you need to subscribe to the sections if you want the information digitalized. All sections can be added to your agreement and, by that, digitalized, but most common sections you might need in iChemistry are:


Section 4: First aid

Section 5: Firefighting measures

Section 7: Handling and storage 

Section 8: Exposure controls and personal protection

Section 13: Disposal consideration 

Section 14: Transport information

Safety sheet template

The safety sheet template decides in which order the handling instructions is listed in all your safety sheets. If needed, you can have different templates for different departments. 


The standard safety sheet template has this order:

  • Local info - General information about the product e.g. trade name, article number and supplier.
  • SDS Section 2 - Hazards identification
  • SDS Section 8 - Exposure controls/personal protection 
  • SDS Section 4 - First aid measures
  • SDS Section 5 - Firefighting measures
  • Section 13 - Disposal considerations


With this setup, your safety sheets will offer clear handling instructions, for the people who need it when handling the chemical products. But you are more than welcome to both change the order of the sections, and add sections (some sections may be greyed out and we can open these if you want), and you do so by contacting our Customer service: and we are happy to help you with this. For example, if the safety sheet is meant for the people transporting the product, you might want section 14 (Transport information) included and prominent.

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