Report: Basic

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Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: Menu > Reports > Products >Basic

Under the function Reports you will find different types of product lists of your inventoried products in iChemistry. The information shown in the reports is primarily data taken directly from the products' safety data sheets.

About the Basic report

The Basic product report shows all products and information about supplier and quantities added in inventory.

Use different Criteria to filter the products shown, like product number and/or supplier.

Choose how the report should be displayed;

Selected dep. will show existing products from the selected department in the organisation tree. 

Departments will show existing products from selected department and its subdivisions, sorted by each department. 

Summarise shows a summarised list of the selected department and its subdivisions. 

Click on the symbol in column for SDS to open pop up-window with the products safety data sheet.

Export the report to Excel by clicking the Excel-icon in the top right corner of the report. 

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