*Remarks of the SDS update from Intersolia

Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find it: Menu > Overview > Documents with remarks from Intersolia


Here you can view products that have remarks. A remark means in some cases that we need assistance in order to complete the process of retrieving the SDS.

Click on "Take action" to see what we need assistance with and to communicate with our SDS department. You can also click on each headline.

The red flag means we need to receive more information from you or alternatively, help from you, to get the correct information about the SDS.

The blue "i" is only the information that this product has a remark, and you do not need to do anything.

How to solve a remark

You can enter each specific remark title to see which products the remark is regarding. Please reply in the box "Answer".
If you need more explanation about the remark, please contact sds@intersolia.com.

Explanation of remarks

Remarks that needs your action

Supplier's product No is missing
State the product number from the supplier in order to connect the SDB to the correct product. Please enter the product number in the answer field.

Supplier's contact details missing
We haven't been able to get in contact with the supplier due to incorrect contact details. Please inform our SDB department if you have any direct contact details for the supplier.

Remarks and questions from Intersolia
Various remarks where a supplier has informed our SDB department that an action is required in order to complete the task. Here you will find the questions or information given by a supplier.

No reply from supplier
We have tried to get in contact with the supplier several times without any results. You may try to contact supplier and ask them to forward the document to sds@cs-environment.com

Insufficient information
There isn't enough product information for our SDS department to obtain the document for this product. Here you can add product information that our SDS department is missing.

Wrong supplier
The product has been connected to incorrect supplier. Here you can add the correct supplier name and contact details.

Attributes with information only
Products with SDS in foreign language only
Here you can find all your products that only have an SDS in a foreign language. No actions are required, we just want to inform you that the supplier can't provide an SDS in your language.

Here you will find all products that our SDS department has flagged as duplicates. You will also find the original product to add to the inventory list instead. You may remove the duplicate from your inventory list and add the original product.

Product(s) discontinued by supplier
Products that has been discontinued by the supplier. This information was given to our SDS department from the supplier.

Latest issued SDS
Products that we have contacted the supplier for and for which the supplier does not have a more recent version, meaning that the one which is in our database is still valid.

SDS not required
Here you will find all products that do not require an SDS according to legislation.

Not available in chosen language
Here you will find all products that are not available in the language you requested, because the supplier states that they do not have one.

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