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If you manage exposure scenarios in iChemistry, you will be able to see the status of these in an easy way in the overview. Choose a department, click on Overview and scroll down to the field "Status - Your management of exposure scenarios". 

Status - Your management of exposure scenarios

  • Managed: List of all products with exposure scenarios that you have handled with a decision.
  • New/Unmanaged: List of all products with exposure scenario that have no decision on where a new version has been received. 
  • Action Required: List of all products with exposure scenario that requires your action. They are started but not signed in the exposure scenario module.
  • Handled in risk assessment: A decision for the product has been made in the risk assessment.

The update process

In Overview you find the status of the uploading process of exposure scenarios. Below you find explanations of the different statuses.

Status - Retrieval of exposure scenarios

Waiting for check/retrieval: Products that are in queue for update. We are working on requesting the latest exposure scenario again from the supplier.

Waiting for answer from publisher: We have requested the latest exposure scenario from the supplier and are awaiting their reply.

Completed: Products that have a completed update process, i.e. we have requested the latest exposure scenario and a second step is taken. It can mean it has the latest exposure scenario but also that we found there are no exposure scenario available. It will queued again according to contract, most often every three years, or one year for old documents.

Retrieved exposure scenarios


  • Missing: List of products for which it has not been possible to retrieve an exposure scenario from the supplier.
  • Not required: List of products that do not require any exposure scenario according to supplier. 
  • Latest published exposure scenario: A newer exposure scenario has been requested, and we have received a reply from the supplier, saying that the one we already have is the latest available version.
  • Exposure scenario is included in SDS: List of products whose exposure scenario is included in safety data sheet (SDS).
  • Exposure scenario as annex: Products that have a separate exposure scenario that is sent to us as an attachment.
  • Exposure scenario in foreign language only: Products where we have an exposure scenario from the supplier, but not in the language you are using currently.

Requesting exposure scenarios only for a specific department

Depending on your needs and how we have agreed with you to set up your system, you can decide to have a specific department for only the products that you need us to request the exposure scenario documents (specific amount of products). This can be relevant if you know that you don't need to have exposure scenarios for all of your products, but only a few of them, where you need an active check for update from us. You can still handle exposure scenarios on other departments and in the risk assessment, but we will not actively check for updates. Note that this can only be done by Customer Service, please contact us via support@intersolia.com for more information.

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