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Tip! Read this article if you are unsure what an exposure scenario is: What is an exposure scenario?

An exposure scenario is handled both by department and in the risk assessment. These interact, so that in the column "Type of assessment" in the exposure scenario module, you see whether the decision is made for a department (the status is then called "Product", because you make the decision on product level) or in a risk assessment (status is then called "Risk assessment"). 

This article describes how to manage exposure scenarios for risk assessments.

Risk assessment -  To do

If a product have an exposure scenario connected to it, it will trigger a red flag in the risk assessment's last step. Here you need to determine whether your usage of the product, is covered by the exposure scenario. Make your decision in the dropdown menu, write a comment and then click Done.

Note! If the exposure scenario for the product has already been handled and signed, it will have a green checkmark already, but you can always click on Exposure scenario anyway to write a decision based on the risk assessment.

If a decision has already been made on department level, in the exposure scenario module, it will be shown under "Department specific decision" and a new field will pop up called "Activity Compliance", where you make the decision for the specific risk assessment. 

If there is no exposure scenario connected to the product it will have the status "Maybe not necessary" and marked with a green line in the To-do-list.

Add document

If you have made an investigation or similar, you might want to attach a document to your decision. Just click on "Add" and after you have saved it, it will be available in the exposure scenario module.

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