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Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: Menu - Overview

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Here are listed all products that you need to take action on in iChemistry, the status is set by you under the exposure scenario module. 

  • Managed: List of all products with exposure scenarios that you have handled with a decision.
  • New/Unmanaged: List of all products with exposure scenario that have no decision on where a new version has been received. 
  • Action Required: List of all products with exposure scenario that requires your action. They are not signed in the exposure scenario module. 


In Overview you find the status of the uploading process of exposure scenarios. Below you find explanations of the different statuses. 

  • Missing: List of products with which it has not been possible to retrieve an exposure scenario from the supplier. 
  • Not required: List of products that do not require any exposure scenario according to supplier. 
  • Latest published exposure scenario: Products that already have the most recently published exposure scenario. We have requested a newer document from the supplier but the latest is already in iChemistry.
  • Exposure scenario is included in SDS: List of products whose exposure scenario is included in safety data sheet (SDS).
  • Exposure scenario as annex: Products that have a separate exposure scenario uploaded. 

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