Print several SDS's / safety sheets / WPI at the same time

Reports > Print 

Batch print your SDS and Safety Sheets with the print function in iChemistry.

Select the SDS's or Safety Sheets that you would like to print or download.

Batch print

1. Go to Reports > Print


2. You can choose: Activity, Safety sheet, SDS or WPI

Activity: Activity-based safety sheet that is created based on the product's risk assessment.

Safety sheet: Generic safety sheet that is automatically generated based on the information in the product's SDS.

SDS: Product safety data sheet.

WPI: Workplace Instruction (German Risk Assessment)

Print or download SDS/Safety sheet/WPI

1. You can filter by department. Select current department in organisation tree on the right hand side. 

Then select the products you want to print. Select all by ticking the checkbox at the top.

2. Click on "Print" button in the top menu to print

3. Click on "Download" button in the top menu to download into PDF documents

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