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The purpose of a group WPI / BA is if you have e.g. 10 colors that differ only slightly in chemical terms and want to put them all together in a group assessment. You can decide classification based on either one or all products. 

Create a new group WPI

1. To create a new Group WPI, click New or select a product to start with from the Products without WPI list.

2. If you select a product from the list, then choose New and then Next>

If you do not select from the list, but instead click directly on "New" in the menu bar, you will go directly to step 3.

3. In the drop down "Add product" choose one or more products you want to include in your group WPI/BA.

4. Name the Group and Activity and look over remaining fields. Then click Next>

The information from SDS is taken from the first product added, marked in bold. You can edit these fields if needed.

To remove a product click on the "x" symbol.

5. Customize group WPI information based on SDS's included in the group. In the next steps in the WPI (see below) you can choose which safety data sheet you want to copy information from. For the first two steps, you can choose whether you want the information to be taken from only one product or all products through the function "Merge information from all SDS".

Hazards to human health and the environment

Protective measures and rules of conduct

Conduct in the case of danger

First aid

Proper disposal

6. Once you have gone through the steps, you will come to a summary page. This information will be the instructions for all of the products included in the group. If necessary, add additional information in the various steps by clicking "Back". Choose whether to SavePreview a draft or Publish.

You can then find your Group WPIs via Tools > WPI. If they have a green check mark they are published.

Group WPI will be shown in WPI list with all included products listed:

Is it possible to include an additional product to the WPI/Group WPI after it is finished and/or published?

Yes it is possible, you will have to sign the WPI again and the product you want to include must be inventoried in the same department as the WPI. 

In case you want to include an additional product to your WPI/Group WPI after it is finished and/or published, you can do so by clicking in the WPI, then click on Edit. Make sure that the product you will include is inventoried in the department of the WPI.

When clicking Edit, you get to the first page of the WPI and you can choose the product in the drop down menu.

After the product is added, you can either go through all the steps of the WPI again by clicking Next several times and in the last step click Save/Publish. If you don't need to look through the steps again, you can click on Save directly in the first step, which brings you back to the WPI list again. Click on the WPI again and then on Publish.

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