Introduction to WPI / BA

What is a WPI / BA?

A workplace instruction (WPI) will contain information that will help your organization to avoid accidents, health risks and environmental risks when working with hazardous products.

As a general rule, workplace instructions should be easily accessible for the staff that are working with or near the chemical products, e.g. on walls or surfaces of shelves, machines, etc.

WPI / BA view

Go to Tools > WPI (BA)

In the first page the following is listed:

Group WPI instructions = If a group WPI is created you can see the group name, when it was published, the next revision and if it´s published you can also preview the WPI by clicking on the document icon.

WPI = Here you see WPI's that are published, ongoing or changed.

Products without WPI = In this list you can see all of the products that are missing a WPI.

To start a new WPI you can either click New or select a product from the Products without WPI list.


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