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Overview > Latest updated products (> Show all)

If you go to Overview > Latest updated products > Show all, you can see products that have a new SDS or have new/updated information.


Under Interval you can choose which column you wish to view within a certain time interval.


  • Latest updated by Intersolia: The date from when we have added information from the safety data sheet to iChemistry. The safety data sheet has received status DONE in the updating process from us.

  • Last modified: Date show when the product has been last modified. We may have corrected a misspelling or if your iChemistry administrator has edited something e.g. product number/name.

  • SDS received by Intersolia: Date when we received an SDS.

  • SDS issued: Date when the SDS was issued (publish date, issue date or revision date etc)



Shown here are products that in one way or another has gone through an update. Sort the column by clicking on the column title. It is possible to extract the list by clicking on the Excel icon in the right corner.

Beside the product name you can see the blue "i" symbol. This is shown if the supplier has written which changes has been made in section 16. Hover over the symbol to get information regarding which sections have been updated or if other changes has been made.

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