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iChemistry smartphone application let's you access the basic and most important functionalities of iChemistry, such as viewing your products and managing your inventory, wherever you go!

You need to have a created user in iChemistry, to be able to sign in to the smartphone app. Contact your administrator if you don't have a user yet. Your user will have the same permissions, and belong to the same department, as in the web version. That means that if your user don't have writing rights, you won't be able to e.g. inventory in the smartphone either.

For administrative work, such as creating departments or managing users, you need to login to the web version.

The best practice for the app and user is to work with the department where you/they are located and work with their products. It is not a good best practice to use the app on the top department for example.

Getting started

Download the smartphone app

Download the iChemistry mobile app from App store or Google Play .

Sign in

To sign in to the iChemistry app, you need three things:

  • Customer id
    The customer id consists of threefour digits and you get it from your administrator If you don't know who that is, you can contact Customer service at
  • or +35 16 20 20.
  • User name
    Same as you use in the web version of iChemistry
  • Password
    Same as you use in the web version of iChemistry

Choose document language

The system language will be the same language you have in your phone, but you will be asked to choose your document language. The document language determines which language is displayed in the safety sheets.

It is possible to change this afterwards also via the button More > Settings > Document language.


Offline mode

When you sign in, you get the option to download data from specific departments. This is useful if you know that you will be in places without internet connection, and want quick access to information about your products anyway.

We recommend to only download the sub departments that you know you might need.


The menu

You find all the functions in the menu bar at the bottom of the page. These are explained below.


Here you see the products in chosen department. At the top of the page, you see which department is chosen. In this view you will see the products name, i-number as well as pictograms and signal words. F or customers with the traffic lights functionality, you will be able be able to see them in this view as well.

Click on any product to access information about hazard statements, protection symbols, SDS, safety sheet etc.


Activities is another word for risk assessment in iChemistry, so all the (published) risk assessments you have made, in the chosen department, will be shown here. At the top of the page, you see which department is chosen.

This also applies for the German risk assessment (WPI), they will be shown in this tab.

When you click on an activity, you see information about the risk assessment and a link to the activity based safety sheet (handling instructions).


In Departments, you see all the departments for which you have reading rights.

Click on the arrow to view the sub departments.

When clicking on a department, you get the option to "Make available offline", i.e. to download all data for that department (only necessary if you will be in places without internet).

Click on Switch to this department , to be able to view the products and activities for that department.


In Search functionality, you can search your database, for products, activities and departments.


The the bottom right corner, you find the button More.

From there, you can access the Inventory function but also change settings and access useful functions.

Under Feedback you can report a bug, submit an idea you have or suggest an improvement. Add your e-mail if you want us to get back to you, otherwise your message will be anonymous.

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