Norwegian restriction list: Grenseverdier for forurensninger i arbeidsatmosfæren

This list is included for all Norwegian customers, as it is directly connected to Norwegian legislation.

”Grenseverdier for forurensninger i arbeidsatmosfæren” is a list of Occupational exposure limits with maximum values for average concentrations of a chemical substance in a worker's breathing zone during a defined reference period. The list is obtained from and is always updated according to "Forskrift om tiltaksverdier og grenseverdier for fysiske og kjemiske faktorer i arbeidsmiljøet samt smitterisikogrupper for biologiske faktorer (Forskrift om tiltaks-og grenseverdier), FOR-2011-12-06-1358” . The restriction list matches against CAS numbers for substances in your chemical portfolio. All restriction lists in iChemistry are indicative.

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