*2. Preparations and decisions

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Preparations and decisions

First, determine whether your usage of the substance are included in the exposure scenario. Begin with:

  1. Collect information on how the substance is used in your organization. Is the substance in any mixture? Is it used in cleaning or manufacturing processes? What steps have been taken for risk action, if any?

  2. Now you can make an assessment by comparing the difference between how you actually use the substance and those the conditions described in the exposure scenario. To help you can use the three main conclusions to make a decision:

    - The usage or conditions of use are covered by the exposure scenario.
    - The usage or conditions of use contradict slightly from that in the exposure scenario, but most are covered by the exposure scenario. There are differences in certain parameters that affect the exposure such as how long you are exposed to the substance, how much is used or the concentration of the substance.
    - The usage or the condition of use are NOT covered in the scenario.

  3. Covers the customers predictable usage that is described in the SDS under section 1.2 and the attached exposure
    scenario. If you for example sell mixtures that contains the relevant substance to your customers, but your supplier     has not included consumer usage in the exposure scenario, there is a difference.

If a problem occurs where it is not visible that the usage is covered in the exposure scenario, in order to get help you can either contact the supplier for a clarification, or contact one of Intersolias consultants consulting@intersolia.com        

Guide: https://echa.europa.eu/safety-data-sheets-and-exposure-scenarios-guide


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