*Traffic lights (basic function, no automation)

(Add on function)

To edit the traffic light status of a product, go to the product's iSafe and click Edit.

NOTE: When choosing Stopped or Approved, the Save button should not be turned on because the system saves it for customer. Save button should only appear when changing between the different conditions under "Conditions" in the scroll list.


Product will be approved for all departments. The decision will be visible e.g. in products iSafe and will be available in inventory.



The product is stopped for inventory for all departments. The decision will be visible e.g. in the products iSafe.



The product has periodical exceptions and this can be setup via "Conditions" in Traffic lights.

1. Choose Conditions.

2. Choose standard condition. If no decision has been made for the product, there are other options such as "Under surveillance".

Exceptions for standard conditions

If a product should have another decision during a specific time period. By setting a standard rule and then an exception, the product can have different decisions during different time periods.

1. Choose Conditions

2. Choose standard conditions, the one that should be default, except for the time period exception.

3. Under "Exception for standard conditions" click on the button Add.

4. Select the status to apply during the time period.

5. Choose start- and end-date and click OK.

The exception will apply for all departments during the chosen time period.



Exception for standard conditions by department

If a product should have another decision connected to a specific department. By choosing status and a department, the decision will only apply for that part of the organization.

1. Choose Conditions.

2. Choose standard conditions, the one that should apply for all other departments.

3. Click on Add under "Exception for standard conditions by department".

4. Choose status and which department it should apply from, all sub departments will inherit the status.

5. Add an interval for the rule in departments.

Observe that if you edit the standard condition, while standing on a department with an exception, you will see the icon of the exception.

Add a customized status

It is possible to create a new own status in the drop-down list under Conditions. You can freely choose what should be the name and color of the status, it could be e.g. "Approved for Department X", or "Stopped for new purchases" or whatever would suit you best.

If you would like to add a new customized status, please follow these steps: 

  1. Decide which color the status should have (red, green or yellow)
  2. Decide which language(s) the status should be in. If your company uses mostly English as the corporate language you can add the phrase only in English but we can also add translations based om system language if you would prefer that.
  3. Send a request to support@intersolia.com with a description of what you want to create based on what you decided in steps 1 and 2.

Where are the symbols shown?

The traffic light status that the product receives will be visible in:

- Product iSafe

- My list

- The product list from the department tree

- Plain report

- Product type report

- ADR report

- Statutory report

- Complete report

- Fire report

- Inventory list

- Inventory search result

My list:

The product list from the department tree:

Plain report:

To export traffic light information to Excel from e.g. Plain report, you can click on the Excel symbol as shown in picture below:

Inventory search result: 

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