Inventory: Unit

Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: Menu > Inventory chemicals (Menu > Tools > Inventory)

Units in inventory

Products can be stored (Maximum stock) and used (Annual consumption) in different units and when inventorying, most often one wishes to add amount and unit.

In iChemistry can this be done, either when you add a product, or when editing a product afterwards in the inventory list.

If you have added an amount but forgot to add a unit, iChemistry will ask you to add a unit.

Annual consumption and Maximum stock

In order for both amounts and units to be visible, both check boxes needs to be checked.

If you wish to have only storage, only this box should be checked.

If you wish to have only usage, only this box should be checked.

Annual consumption and maximum stock are department specific, but can be compiled i reports, such as:

  • Statutory
  • Complete

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