*Exclude products from restriction and prohibition lists

Applies to: iChemistry

Where to find: Product - Edit - Restriction and prohibition lists

Exclude products from iChemistry restriction and prohibition lists. Prohibitions and restriction lists in iChemistry are indicative (static and matched mainly on CAS no.) these lists do not take into account if any substance is matched only based on quantity. Example if a product that has a substance with CAS number that matches one of iChemistry's prohibition and restriction lists, but the quantity is the determining factor for the product to be taken into account.
This function is controlled by group permissions and requires a separate database.

Condition to fulfill to access this function

- Separate database

- Your iChemistry user have the permission (see manual)

1. Edit product

1.1 Search for the product you wish to exclude. Click on the product
1.2 In the main menu, select "Edit Product"
1.3 Under the "Restriction and prohibition lists" box lists all the name of the lists that the product matches against

2. Exclude from list
2.1. To exclude a product click on the "Exclude" button

  • Under "Restriction list criteria" are the substances listed and on what list they match against

2.2. By each list you can mark one or more lists that you would like to exclude.

2.3. Write a comment why this product is excluded for future documentation

2.4. Click "Save" in the top menu to save the changes

2.5. Click in the box next to "Editing and confirming restriction lists" to confirm your changes (Visible in history)
2.6. Click "Save" in the top menu to save the changes.

3. Excluded product
"Lists and remarks" will now update information in the respective list and the product you have chosen to exclude.
The product you have excluded will be light gray and the comment about the decision is visible and also it will not be counted in the list.

OBS. If a product get a new updated SDS and has been excluded you will get a notification in Overview > To do that there is a excluded product with a new SDS.

If the SDS has been updated for a product which you have chosen to exclude, will still remain as excluded until you activly choose to include the product into the list again.  

4. Include excluded products
4.1. To include an excluded product, follow the same steps from point 1.
4.2. To include an excluded product click on the "Exclude" button
4.3. Unmark the box by the list name to include the product again.
4.4. Click on "Save" in the top menu

5. Mark as checked

If a product is not to be excluded from a restriction list you have the possibility to flag it as controlled by just marking the box by "Editing and confirming restriction lists". This will be visible in iSafe:

Exclude from Overview

Menu > Overview > Restriction and prohibition lists > Select a list

Exclude a product directly in the Overview by clicking on the icon in the column "Exclude".

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