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Intersolia restriction list is indicative, that means that we provide board CAS number base for our customers. But for substance that appears in search, there are conditions which have to be fulfilled for that substance to be restricted.

To understand this better we'll give you an example:

Your company use Benzene, in Intersolia restriction list criteria, CAS number 71-43-2 will match. But only if Benzene will fulfills next conditions;

1. Shall not be used in toys or parts of toys where the concentration of Benzene in the free state is greater than 5 mg/kg (0,0005%) of the weight of the toy or part of toy.

2. Toys and parts of toys not complying with paragraph 1 shall not be placed on the market.

3. Shall not be placed on the market, or used, -as a substance, -as a constituent of other substance, or in mixtures, in concentrations equal to, or greater than 0,1% by weight. 

4. However, paragraph 3 shall not apply to:

    (a) Motor fuels which are covered by directive 98/70/EC.

    (b) Substance and mixtures for use in industrial processes not allowing for the emission of Benzene in quantities in excess of those laid down in existing legislation.

    (c) Natural gas placed on the market for use by consumers, provide that the concentration of benzene remains below 0,1% volume.

If any of the above points match the use of the subject in your business you don't have any obligations according to restriction list for Benzene. 

Every enter in restriction list has it owns conditions, having that in mind one must know all intended use of substance in company to decide whether restrictions are met or not. 

Sometimes you find more substance in Intersolia restriction list than on ECHA. This is the reason why:

All CMR substances are covered by restriction list. CMR means carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic to reproduction. ECHA just gives links to additional annexes for users to search their substance for. We at Intersolia want to make things easier for our customers and included all CAS numbers in our data base covered under current legislation that fall under CMR criteria. We also included CAS numbers from other additional annexes of group entries. 

All this to make your search easier. 

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